A Perfect furniture piece during times of uncertainty

Let’s be honest. There is a lot of uncertainty in our world today and security is becoming a very real concern for a lot of people. Don’t procrastinate any longer and prepare for all the possibilities. What if a product existed which would allow you to secure your important valuables, documents, weapons, etc. in plain sight? What if the product was inconspicuous and compact enough to be easily moved or placed anywhere in your home or office? Imagine having everything you need right beside your bed at home or in your office, in case of an emergency. This is where the idea for the Smart Concealment Nightstand came to fruition!

Modern Functionality and
With Classic Appeal.

The Smart Concealment Nightstand allows you to secure valuables in plain sight while being
inconspicuous and compact enough to be easily moved or placed anywhere in a home or office.


Meticulously designed for long lasting beauty


RFID / Bluetooth keyless lock design provides instant access


Inconspicuous security virtually anywhere in your home or office


Available in many colors and finishes inside and out

Keep your valuables safe and private in any room or office

So how does it work? The top most compartment (designed to look ordinary) slides effortlessly forward, on two custom engineered glides, revealing a spacious compartment. The compartment is flit lined to protect valuables. The slide-out tabletop concealed compartment sits atop and comes equipped with the capability to unlock by RFID Card and Bluetooth by mobile phone, for instant access. Below the compartment, you’ll find two large drawers to store all your bedside essentials.

Choose from several of our finish options

The Pre-Catalyzed Lacquer finish provides a harder surface with greater durability. It is a testament of beauty, strength, and longevity. Ideal for those who value safekeeping of valuables and privacy.

What Our customers Say

We take pride in providing Five Star Products & Service

Design Features:

Technological Features:

Additional options include:

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