Specializing In The Highest Quality of custom furniture fabrication, upholstery, carpentry for commercial and residential applications.

Custom Carpentry

Build Out Co. is a family-owned company providing the highest quality workmanship in South Florida for residential and commercial carpentry . We are passionate about manufacturing custom furniture and committed to getting the job done right on time. We combine our proven track record, which has been accomplished one recommendation at a time, with a commitment to advance planning, efficiency, and clear open communication with owners, architects, designers and subcontractors. We are small enough to provide focused individual attention and big enough to provide friendly, conscientious, intelligent service before, during, and after job completion. At Build Out Co. we are proud to say that our materials, veneers and all wood products are domestic. This ensures top quality on all our custom furniture and it helps our economy. Our top quality lacquer finishes are achieved due to 30 years of experience in finishing. I, Bernie Cruz, am a second generation painter in my family.


General Upholstery

Build Out Co. takes pride in all our finished products and in customer satisfaction. We always strive to provide the best personal service and the finest quality. Our Upholstery Services include:

  • Boat Upholstery & Re-Upholstery
  • Custom Beds & Headboards
  • Home Theater Walls and Ceiling Upholstery & Re-Upholstery
  • Custom Sofas, Sectionals, Window Seats & Patio Cushions
  • Re-Upholstery of existing Furniture
Build Out Co. custom builds upholstered furniture sometimes using only a customers photograph or even just a description. More often, that means sofas or chairs, but we also re-upholster everything from antique pieces to boat and airplane seats.


Acoustical Wall Panels

Build Out Co. provides acoustical products that are custom-designed to meet the unique acoustic and aesthetic need of each customer and of the interior environment. Acoustical panels are offered in a wide variety of acoustical core materials, finishes, fabrics, color options, sizes, shapes, thickness, and mounting options. All panels are custom manufactured to the unique specifications of the project. Acoustical panels provide the ideal design in new construction, renovation or retrofit installations. Our track system makes our panels flawless and gives the customer the option to change fabric color in the future at a fraction of the cost. It also allows for individual panel repairs without the need to re-do the entire wall or room.