Our business goal is to manufacture clean, minimalistic, traditional or modern furniture and/or cabinets that fit your business or home needs. We can customize your vision within any specific space requirements and create extended storage space that will make your life easier.

Build Out Co. is licensed & Insured.

Build Out Co.’s team has vast experience in Carpentry, Lacquer Finishes, Upholstery and Low Voltage Lighting. We are able to meet our customer’s deadlines because all of our work is done in-house. Our customers are always happy to know that the majority of our wood products are made in the United States of America. Thanks to the great reputation we have developed with our suppliers, they deliver our domestic products in a timely manner and guarantee us only high quality materials.

Meet The Owner.

Hi, my name is Bernie Cruz. At the age of 13, I was introduced to the art of Furniture Refinishing and Re-upholstery. My parents were the owners of Refinish Furniture and Antique Upholstery which was located in Miami, FL. Every day after school I would go to the shop and help my parents, it was then that I realized my passion for building furniture. After many years of working with my family, I noticed that carpentry was a necessary component which leads to refinishing or re-upholstering furniture.

This led me to a whole new world of making my own furniture repairs and eventually building my first table at only 16 years old. That was when my journey into the field of carpentry began. First, I worked as a property manager for a large management company (K.W. Property Management), where I directed and supervised condominium conversions. During my tenure there, I re-modeled 2,500 condominiums in 4 years. I then worked as the superintendent for Eagles Bay Construction, overlooking all of their carpentry projects. I then moved on to specializing in the manufacturing and making of custom furniture. My diverse experience has allowed me to bring together all of my learned trades and knowledge, which has allowed me to provide each of my customers with integrity in each job performed and exceptional craftsmanship.

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